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Property Investors

Solutions For Property Investors

An investment portfolio should contain a mixture of investments ranging from shares through to a selection of properties that may include houses, apartments, townhouses or commercial buildings.

“Timing the market or time IN the market?” This is the question that many investors face and is why a mixture of shares and property is a great investment strategy. For shares it is very much “timing the market” and watching for the changes to make a short term profit, however with property it is all about “time in the market” as property provides steady growth and return over a number of years.

With over 1,600 people moving into Victoria each week, now is a great time to investigate the purchasing of an investment property and once you start you are in a great position to expand your portfolio by using each property as leverage on the next.

At MAB5, we can provide you with various investment opportunities to suit your financial goals, be it :

  • Cash flow positive
  • Cash flow neutral
  • Cash flow negative (negative gear)

Here To Help.

If this is your first time in purchasing an investment property, we are here to help as we believe it is important that you are educated on how investing in property works. We are not going to give you the “hard sell”. Instead, we believe it is important to sit down with you first to find out what your goals are financially, where you are at now and how to get there.

From our initial meeting we recommend that you then speak to your own Financial Planner / Broker so a full review of your current financial position can be obtained before we look at what properties are available – if you don’t have a Financial Planner/Broker, we are happy to recommend one of our trusted Platinum Partners* who can assist you with the review.

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